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"Integrate CSR into

your business strategy"

Who we are

The CSRoadmap is a practical blueprint for making sustainability ambitions of companies tangible and actionable. 

The CSRoadmap team consists of four sustainability consultants from different organisations. We share a common vision and at the same time have complementary fields of expertise in the broad topic of international corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

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Questions we can answer

  • What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility for my company?

  • What are the main international CSR topics in my sector and in the region where I operate?

  • What are the main CSR issues in the EU with regard to my products?

  • What do sustainable procurement demands which are developed by clients of governments entail for my business?

  • Do I need a certificate, and if so which one?

  • Does corporate social responsibility involve additional costs and/or savings?

  • How do I communicate about corporate social responsibility?

Guiding towards sustainable results

CSRoadmap makes the potential benefits of CSR evident and comprehensible for your company. It provides insight into costs and benefits and ensures effective implementation of tangible improvements in the daily business of your company.

We offer

  • tailor made international CSR workshop

  • tangible tools to integrate CSR in your day to day business activities

  • hands-on support with the actual implementation of CSR in your organisation

  • tools for performance monitoring

  • advice on internal and external communication and stakeholder engagement


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1011 CR Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 1868 7160

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